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“John is a wonderful trainer and teacher. He takes each horse and each rider as individuals, and builds from there. He is masterful at understanding horses, and above all is always kind, supportive and brings forth the best in horses and their riders. I end every lesson richer for his guidance and excited about coming back to learn more.” – Lisa Morris
“John is skilled in sequencing instruction so that rider and horse develop in ways that are physically, mentally and emotionally healthy. He is patient & compassionate without losing the focus on precise execution. His tactics are always humane, even when he sees the need to be tough. Best of all, he has a charismatic and enjoyable personality who makes lessons fun.” – Janet Dowell
“Type A people gravitate to dressage but tend to make it tedious and rigid. John brings back the fun while remaining focused on what’s critical for progressing toward your goals.” – Anne Elshoff
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